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Chamonix Ten80 General Terms and Conditions – Owners

1. Purpose

These terms and conditions apply to all requests for services or goods placed by a member who owns a property [in France] (“Member”) with ChamonixTen80 (“Ten80”) as well as to any services performed by Ten80 on behalf of the Member. By buying a Timeblock (as explained below), the Member validates its membership with Ten80 and is deemed to have accepted without reservation the present general terms and conditions.

2. Services

Ten80 shall provide the Member with services such as those detailed in Ten80’s brochure as well as with any services (including the purchase of goods) ordered by a Member in relation to their property, subject to Ten80’s acceptance (the “Services”). Orders for Services shall be made by telephone, e-mail or through OASYS (Ten80’s on line management system). Ten80 is entitled to perform Services in connection with a Member’s property only if requested by the Member through an order for Services or goods. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ten80 shall also be entitled to carry out works or services in the Member’s property on the Member’s behalf (i) in case of emergency and/or (ii) where the works or services are in the best interest of the Member’s property provided they do not exceed [500 euros] per type of work or services. Services shall be carried out by Ten80’s in house personnel and/or by outside contractors selected by Ten80. Where the Services cannot be performed by Ten80’s in-house personnel, the Member expressly authorizes Ten80 to act as agent of the Member to select the appropriate outside contractor, supervise their work (if necessary) and pay the contractor directly from their Timeblock credit. Ten80 undertakes to perform orders for Services within the delay requested by the Member, provided it is reasonable, or if no delay has been stated, within a reasonable delay.

3. Timeblock

Ten80’s Services are accessible to the Member through the purchase of Timeblocks in advance. One Timeblock corresponds to 1200 minutes and costs of 1,200 euros plus TVA. The cost of services are quoted in minutes and consequently deducted from the Timeblock. There is an annual membership charge which varies depending on the size and usage of each property and is debited at the start of each year. This charge is non-refundable in any circumstance. There is no time limit on how quickly a Timeblock shall be used. Properties that are used for rental purposes are obliged to have a Ten80 ‘Maintenance Check’ and full ‘Spring Clean’ to be carried out annually and the costs of these services will be automatically deducted from your Timeblock. A Members Timeblock must always remain in credit and properties that are used for rental purposes are subject to a minimum balance, which is individually set depending on the changeover costs. Ten80 reserve the right to stop all services with immediate effect should the Timeblock balance go into debit.

4. Prices

Services performed by Ten80’s in-house personnel are charged at a rate per hour depending on the category of personnel (management, maintenance or cleaners), as set forth in Ten80’s brochure in force from time to time. Ten80’s reserves the right to modify these rates at any time within a one-month prior notice to the Member. Services performed by outside contractors selected by Ten80 and goods purchased on behalf of the member shall be charged at their standard applicable rates and billed to the Members Timeblock in minutes.

5. Information

The Member shall provide Ten80 with all necessary information and documentation to enable Ten80 to provide the Services in an adequate and efficient way. Ten80 shall not be liable for any defective Services due to the Member’s failure to provide Ten80 with all necessary information and/or documentation.

6. Termination

The Member may terminate its membership with Ten80 at any time with a one month prior written or e-mail notice. Ten80 may terminate a Member’s membership at any time with a one month prior written or e-mail notice notice. Following termination of a Member’s membership (whether at Ten80’s or the Member’s initiative) Ten80 shall reimburse to the Member with three months, the value of the Timeblock after deduction of the price of the Services performed since the Timeblock purchase. Ten80 is entitled to deduct from the Timeblock the price of any Services ordered prior to termination of the Membership and performed by Ten80 (or outside contractors) whether prior to or after the effective date of termination. The Member’s membership automatically terminates upon complete use of a Timeblock unless a new Timeblock is purchased within three months

7. Liability

Ten80 undertakes to perform the Services in a professional manner, in compliance with the best standards on the market. Ten80 shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage. Where the Services are performed by outside contractors and Ten80 acts as agent for the Member, Ten80 undertakes to select the most competent contractors; however, Ten80 shall not be liable for the contractor’s bad or defective performance and any damage caused by the contractor to the Member and its property or to third parties.

8. Invalidity of any clause

Should any clause of the present general terms and conditions be held null and void, this shall not affect the validity of the other clauses, which shall remain valid.

9. Language

The French version of the present general terms and conditions of sale shall prevail over any other version. 10. Applicable Law - Disputes These general terms and conditions and the provision of the Services by Ten80 shall be subject to French law. Any disputes arising between Ten80 and the Member shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent French courts.

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