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Property Management

We know that your property is of immense value to you, whether it is a second home, an investment, or both.  This is why we have taken great care in building a fully qualified, insured and professional team personally trained and managed by us.

What can we do for you?

What we do for you is completely up to you. From using our weekly changeover service, to overseeing renovation projects, being there for the occasional emergency or simply turning on the heating or taking a delivery for you. Essentially, what you need when you need it, so that you can enjoy your property to the full.

Every one of our properties and members has different needs and Chamonix Ten80 remain versatile to cater for all of those needs.

How to become a member?

Our membership structure has been kept very simple, clear and flexible to suit all of our members different needs.

It works on a Timesheet credit basis and you simply buy credit in advance in the form of Timeblocks to gain access to our services, and then use your credit how and when you need. 

A 20 hour (1200 minutes) Timeblock costs €1200 plus TVA, so €1 essentially becomes 1 minute of our time.

Our current billing rates are as follows;

  • Ten80 Management time is charged to your Timeblock at 60 minutes per hour
  • Ten80 Maintenance time is charged to your Timeblock at 60 minutes per hour
  • Ten80 cleaning time is billed to your Timeblock between 25 - 35 minutes per hour
There is also a membership fee depending on the usage of your property, ranging from 15 - 30 minutes per month which is debited from your Timeblock quarterly.

Our online management system OASYS allows you as a member to easily organise your stays, arrange changeover cleans for rental properties and manage your account online.

Let us take away all of the hassle - complete peace of mind is just one click away!

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